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Friday, June 1, 2012

1st Blogerversary party!

Hey fellow Wizards!

 This is the surprise I was talking about! On June 3rd, last year, I started this blog. So far we have had 65 comments, 6629 page views,  71 posts, and 21 followers! We have yet to have any contests or party's, but that ends today! I have decided to have a party celebrating this blogs birthday :D. There will be lots of contests and Prizes, so come prepared to try to win :D. List of Contests with rules will be up soon. I made an Invitation with all the information, so here it is:

(Click to enlarge) 

Hope to see you there :D

Happy Magiking!


P.S What do you guys think of a new design to start our new year of blogging? And don't forget to Answer the poll :D


  1. OH, and happy blogoversary! I read your blog constantly, and am excited to see what comes next! Thank you so much for your help to the Suitcase Project, it meant so much!
    Keep Traveling!

  2. Thats a good question :P. Fire tower realm Vampire, and ty lol, be ready for some things I have prepared for this year :P and yw about the suitcase project, I thought about a new segment for it :D. I will email you what it is once I finalize the idea :D


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