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Friday, July 29, 2011

On the Boundary...

Hey Wizards!

What I get to show you Today is on the boundary of cool and weird. It might shock you, scare you, even terrify you! Ok, i was kidding about the terrify bit, but still, it is pretty weird.

  You guys know that mirage in the sutans palace? Well when i came near it, it stayed like the mirage!  I nabbed the treasure ;) Next is a Wizard101 version of mountain climbing. Btw, both of these things were in Nicholas Lionrider's sultans palace house. So here's the pics.

You see that oasis thing? Thats the waterfall near the pvp arena! Seeing that, I now have a great idea to put a viewing pavillion there.

 Ok, thats the cool things for Today! So anyway, I was able to get through the labyrinth with Mark StormHunter's help. I now need to find all the Obsidian chests, some I don't have access to, lol. So I am pretty much stuck. In other things, I have done a few dorm room projects this past month, the most recent and complete one the one for Paige Moonshade's dorm room contest.. I actually go to my Great uncle's  country farm every few years, so I modeled it after my cabin there. Here are some screen shots.

Yah, I know I kind of over did it with the country look( Btw, it isn't always that messy, XD).
Next is a Mooshu Temple i am working on, it is kind of bare because thats all I could afford to get, lol!.

This is kind of a draft before i put it in a real house, so stay tuned!

So as everyone knows, there has been a new release of housing objects in the crowns shop, these:

(click to enlarge)

There are good things and bad things.Good things, they can be bought with gold. Bad things, one, they are really too small, and too, some you can farm for, like the unicorn statue from lady Blackhope.
The thing that really saddened me the most was this:

I used it in the Temple above, and as you saw, it is small. This is what i was aiming for:

That is a Great Moodha Statue!

Anyway, thats it for Today! But I have a daily contest for four helephant Treasure Cards. Comment Below for your answer! 
Guess where I am flying!

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-Maya Angelou

Happy Magiking!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am very sorry

Like the title says, I am very sorry for not posting for so long. I hope you guys can forgive me. Annnyyywwwayy, I saw some really cool stuff since I last posted, and I would show you, but the photos aren't working. Also, I don't know whether to continue the drake wars, could some of you comment what you think?
I will resume daily posting tommorrow.


Happy Magiking!