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Monday, June 4, 2012

First Blogoversary list of Contests!

Hey Fellow Wizards! If you haven't read my previous posts yet, I am having a Blogoversary party on Friday June 8th. It will start at 5:00 PM Central time, Port bus starting at 4:45 PM Central time in the Fire Tower Vampire realm. Look for Valdus Nightshade. Anyway, Here are all the Contests with rules for the party. Some of them will happen during the party, and some will have the prizes announced during the party. Here they are!.

Raffle- Comment on this post with your Wizards name and email address and I will let Random.org randomly pick a name from the list. There will be only a first place winner, and the prize is 5 KI free game codes.

Coolest pet- If you spend endless hours at the Hatchery trying to concoct the perfect pet, this Contest is for you! I would like to see how cool your pet is. There are two Categories for this contest; Aesthetics, which is based on how good your pet looks, and Stats, which is based on how good your pet's statistics are. If you want to join, send me an email at sghsri@yahoo.com with pictures of either your pet or the stats. Remember to equip your pet to the party if your coming, If you win your expected to have proof its your pet. There will be one prize for each category. Prizes may vary.

Tag- This game will be played during the party. It is basically the Tag game kiosk game, but the only rule is that we will only play wildfire tag. Whoever is last standing will win the prize. The Prize is 5 KI free game codes.

Dorm Room contest- decorate your dorm room to fit a summer theme! Send pictures of it to sghsri@yahoo.com . One prize for this contest, and it will vary.

Well those are the Contests, Hope to see you at the party on Friday :D

Happy Magiking, and Good luck!


  1. Justin "DeathyWiz" Shadowblade

    Cant wait for another year of your adventures and keep blogging or,

    ~Keep It Dead

  2. Destiny Soultamer
    You know how to reach me.


  3. Ian StormStaff Here.

    Might enter the dorm contest... :)

  4. Dylan Bearblood
    adeadlygamer@gmail.com or on A Deadly Pirate . com

    Cant wait for this!

  5. @Destiny ok :)
    @Ian o cool :D
    @Dylan thanks for entering,man :D

  6. Enter me for the raffle contest :)

  7. Wizard's Name: Malorn WillowSmith

    Email: malornwillowsmith@yahoo.com

  8. Thanks for the great contest! autumndreamwalker@hotmail.com My wizard's name is Autumn Dreamwalker :)

  9. :D Thanks! And thanks for entering :D

  10. Austin Moon. Thank you for a great contest

    1. Wizard name: Jordan Jadeweaver.
      Email: sasorirlz9@gmail.com
      :) Thanks for the contest!

  11. Happy Blogoservery!!! :D My wizards name is Kyle Firesword kylefsword@gmail.com I love the new blog design and I am looking forward toward tomorrow :D

  12. Nice to meet you kyle :D Can't wait to meet you tomorrow :D

  13. @Jordan Jadeweaver Thanks for entering and thanks :D

  14. happy blogoservery!!! :D may the really lucky one win the raffle :D
    name: Robert Griffinglade
    email: pyromaster137@gmail.com

  15. Name: Michael Thunderweaver
    Email: poeticharleyquinn@gmail.com

    Thanks for the contest :)


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