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Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogerversary Party Review! And Winners of all the contests!

Hey Guys :D

Talon here with a review of our first Blogerversary party! All the Contest winners are inside this post ;). The Raffle winner is at the bottom, and I made a twist to the contest that is awesome :D

First off a lot of Wizards showed up, even some blogs, including Deathy WizEdward Lifegem , and probably lots of other's I am missing lol. If I missed yours, please comment on this post and I will add it :). Anyways, it was very chaotic lol. But I eventually got everyone :D.

Me, Edward Lifegem and Jordan Shadow Wraith dominating in Pvp :)

Jordan Critically on a vampire lol

ouch ;)

Me judging pet contest stat winners :) The winner was Jordan Shadowwraith who will take home 5 Hydra Hoard Packs, and the Winner for the Aesthetics was Kyle Firesword, who will also take home 5 Hydra Hoard Packs. In all honesty, I think everyone's pet looked amazing :)

Playing Tag

Playing some more tag :) Austin Moon won the Tag contest and will take home 5 KI free game codes! 

Playing the Scavenger hunt game :D I am really bad at it lol

Though the Sherlock Transformation is cool :)

I found a Sock monkey!

Do you know where any of Zeke's friends are Mr. Gorrilla?

Found another one :D

O well, Congrats to Benjamin DragonHeart, who doesn't take home any prizes, but is still a Scavenging champ lol 

Ya, I really am pretty bad at Scavenger hunt lol

Maybe I will win?

Maybe?(It turned out I didn't :P)

A view of the Party room

Duke Teddy is the bar tender. Personal Hygiene isn't his thing lol.

LOL he is so funny looking :P.

Now this is a Group photo we took and I just added in some words :)

(Click to Enlarge)

I'm thinking of adding it as a Header lol. The party was really fun lol, and I want to thank everyone who came :)

Anyway, this is the part some of you have waited for, The Raffle Winner :) I have decided to get rid of a spare Bolt demon code I have laying around, and well, the lucky winner of this raffle gets it :) And the Winner is................... O see for yourself :) 

(Click to Enlarge)

lol so Congrats Destiny :) Have a great time with your new Bolt Demon pet which you will get in the next few days! 

Now I also want to thank everyone, who followed, came to my party, joined the raffle, anyone who actually looked at my blog for even a second, very much! If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here :).  I can't wait to get to my Second Blogerversary lol :D. I Hope to see you all throughout my next year of blogging, and who knows, maybe we will have some more contests and Parties? ;) ( Hint, Hint)

Happy Magiking!(For one whole year I've said this lol. It don't think I've spelt it right the whole time lol)

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