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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unknown areas in the Spiral(Spiral Jigsaw post)

Hello fellow wizards! Today I have a Spiral Jigsaw post :). I wanted to Discuss Unknown areas in the Spiral. I'm not talking about new worlds, I am talking about areas in already discovered worlds that are not used. This is going to be Picture-Caption post btw. And just click to enlarge any of the photos :).

Wizard City

Lets start In Wizard city, Shall we? One of the first areas that I wanted to talk about was "The Restricted Sections" of the library. It looks seemingly like a long dark hallway illuminated every few feet by blue lamps and has statues of unicorn's heads. I remember when I first started playing Wizard101 Boris Tallstaff used to stand right there. He said something like "You are not allowed to go there, Young Wizard" I believe. There are 3 or 4 "corridors" of restricted books I believe. I wonder if eventually we will be able to access the "restricted section". I also want to make note of the "book transporting system" at the right of the picture. If you look at it they seem to go up out of the ceiling. On further inspection of the exterior I noticed that The Library actually has 2 floors and 3 towers. Maybe those will be accessible in the future.

This is just a random picture I took of the painting lol. It is a pig that is being painted like a Mona Lisa, but It doesn't look like the Pigswick pigs or the Mooshu Pigs, so I assume there is another Pig related world. Pigs have a lot to do with Wizard101 lol.

Now I noticed these 2 doors on the 2nd floor of the library, and I wonder if this is the entrance's to 2 of the towers.

In Olde Town next to Baldur Goldpaw's ship is an unused Tower. There is one near it that houses Foulgaze, so I wonder if this tower will make an appearance in a later quest.

This is another random picture lol, but this time was just to share the view :)

This is another unused Tower in Wizard city. I bet that in a later quest it will make an appearance.

Now in the Haunted cave, you've probably seen the Death school marked cage-like cave next to Stormdrain tower. I used to think that this was an entrance to Nightside when I was a smaller level lol, but I don't think so anymore. Its not just like some random tower though, this couldn't just be here for aesthetics. I bet that it will either play a role in the Main Morganthe storyline, or be a part of a Death school spell quest.

This is another great view I found behind Storm drain tower. Enjoy :D


This is pretty much the only picture I have for Krokotopia lol. I think most of you know the special teleporter in the Oasis that opens up every half hour to take you to the Shopping island. I took this picture from their lol. Anyway, You can see the Island over there. It has no use currently I believe, but I want all of you to remember the words that the boss at the top of Briskbreeze tower said, Krokotopia was next. Even though Briskbreeze Tower was introduced a few years back, I still think that's what that tower could be used for. Or it could be a Shopping island just like this one, because looking at the architecture on it, it looks like one of the shops down below.


Just one picture for Marelybone lol. This is Barkingham Palace, home of the Queen of Marelybone. It does not have any purpose at present, but I believe that it could be in a later quest. 


Another Single picture lol. Anyway, there are towers like this all around Mooshu that are unused. I know that a boss fight can happen in each because if you watched my latest youtube video you might have noticed that Mika Skarka was in one of these. They look really cool though :P


Dragonspyre is an interseting place. They have a lot of areas which are not accessible. This is a random house on the street, but I know that NPC can be inside because in the Drake Hatchery I believe you go inside one of them and help a ghost.

This is a picture of the Grand chasm in the present. All those vault's could have Boss's in them.

Same thing for here.

This is another house except surrounded by a lava pool. What I don't understand is that why would the walkway be there before the destruction of DS, as it seems to be built before the Dragon Titan destroyed everything.

Now this is a picture of those big courtyard areas at the end of the streets. I know bosses could be inside these because The level 78 spell quest boss called the Hoarder was located in one of these.

This is another random house. LOL

This is a picture of another Courtyard.


Now even though there is only picture for Celestia, it is a interesting one. Now as some of you know, some of the areas in Celestia are marked by a door with dots. I don't know which is which at the moment but it goes like One, Two Three, and Four. Now this is the Fourth door, but It doesn't have any use. If this Door Four is somehow opened, it doesn't seem like it would have a simple boss fight in there. As all the other dotted and numbered doors open up to actual areas, I wonder if this does too.


In Zafaria there isn't a lot of unknown areas, but the ones I found were interesting nonetheless. Above you see what appears to be the statue of a Gorilla in Baobab Crossroads. Now I want to just point out that next to the Savannah gate there is a Lion statue, Next to the Zamunda Gate there is a Zebra statue, and next to the gate to the Baobab Market there is a Elephant statue. The statues correspond to the areas they live in, lions live in the Savannah, Zebra's live in Zamunda, and Elephants live in Stone town/ Waterfront. Gorillas live in the Drum jungle, but This statue is not near any gate to the Drum Jungle. Its just there lol. I believe that KI will put the gate next to it eventually, because at the moment it takes quite a hike to get to the Drum jungle( Through Baobab Market, Through Stone Town, and finally Through the Waterfront).

Inside Boabab Market there is a building next to the Stone Town Boat "Gate". It doesn't serve any purpose at the moment, but I assume that its a trading building of some sort, as 

1. It looks like Stone town architecture, and Stone Town is a big trade area.
                         2. It is right next to the river      
I also want to point out that the Monkee(Thats how its spelled lol) for Zeke's quest is right behind the building ;)


If you look at the Wysteria map, you might notice that we are not being shown the whole world. Around Pigswick academy these gates are found. They look just like the gates that is opened to get to Pegasus Place. I wonder that in a later update they will expand on Wysteria.

Another gate :)

Well that's it lol, these are all the hidden place I could find lol. Feel free to find some more and tell me, and I will update this post ;). 

Happy Magiking!

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