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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Talon's weekly W101 Ideas 1! Pet interactions!

Hey guys, I wanted to say that I am starting a new blog series called Talon's weekly W101 ideas. No, this is not the big thing mentioned in the last post lol, but i just wanted to do something like this. So this week's idea from me is:

Pets should be able to interact with each other, I know that you can already interact with your pets
( Using the Scolding Emoticon makes them run to the nearest wall and bow their head and be sad), but they don't interact with the other pets. I don't know hard it is to code this, but it might be hard, as each pet might have a different action to every pet, but it seemed like a good idea :P. Maybe KI could make it so that it each pet has a "friendliness counter" with each pet. It would perform a random action when near that pet. The more positive actions  towards that pet, the higher the "counter" gets. Negative actions lower the counter. I would like to use the ninja pig's actions as an example of the negative and positive actions. The ninja pig presently does two actions, A bow, and then a sword pose. When he bows he does a positive action, when he uses his sword he does a negative action. There could be more actions, but so far that's all I could think of. They could maybe group with their "friends" or higher Friendliness counter pets.  The counters would be invisible, as a pet might have many diferent friendliness counter's going on at once(each with a different pet). Here is a table to show How it could work, arrows in red means that it gave action that are negative, arrows in green mean that it gave actions that are positive, and FC means Friendliness counter:

Ninja Pig 1 -> Ninja Pig 2= FC of Ninja pig 2 goes down whenever Ninja Pig 2 sees Ninja pig 1 and it is more likely to do a negative action towards Ninja Pig 1.

Ninja pig 3 -> Ninja pig 4= FC of Ninja pig 4 goes up when Ninja pig 4 sees Ninja pig 3 and is more likely to do a positive action towards Ninja Pig 3.

What does all this mean? Its is seriously going to lag out your computer :P

Lol again, I don't know how hard it could be too code this :P, but I know that Wizard101 is going to lag a lot when you go into a highly crowded room of pets, your computer is going to have a very hard time keeping up with all those calculations :P. So I made an new idea which is that each pet has a happiness counter, Which is shown by a meter above the pet's head as shown below:

(Click to enlarge)

  Each meter is the same length long, but is divided into Red and Green by the percentages of Happiness and Unhappiness. The Red on the meter is how much unhappiness and the Green is happiness. The Green and Red can raise or lower by different actions by yourself and the other pets. When it is very low the pet will do the "Scolding" animation. To make it happy you could spend time with it or the other pets do "Positive actions toward it".  It could work like plant's dislikes and likes. The Happiness level also could depend on the environment, example is in a fire house a snowman pet would have a low happiness level. Eating certain pet snacks could also raise the Happiness levels. The happier a pet is, the more chance it has of helping you in a battle. Another Idea I had was that pets should be able to have a "home" of sorts. They could find a random place in your house and mark it "theirs" with a kind of message the send to all the other pets. All the other pets will avoid it and not settle there, and the only ones who can come there are the ones who have gotten a lot of friendliness counter points with the "home" owner. They could occasionally walk out and explore and such, but they will always return to their "house" eventually. You could raise your Pet's happiness level by furnishing it's home (or corner). Here is an example of it in a square wizard, the green area is a pet's house, the red circles are pets who have not yet gotten the clearance to come yet and are moving away from it and the white inside the black square is the Wizards house:

(Click to enlarge)

This would preferably work outside, but I guess it could work inside too.

 Lol I think I am going to call it Interactive Pet update idea 2. 0, LOL

Well that's my idea, tell me how you like in the comments, and don't forget that something really big is coming towards you in the next few days :D

Happy Magiking!

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