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Monday, June 13, 2011

:( + :) = SUBSCRIPTION!!!

Welcome Wizards!,

YAY!!!! I finally got it! And I just didn't get that, i bought a few dragon hoard packs and..... missed horribly on the skeletal dragon. X sighs X, you can't get everything.
So here are some pics:
                                                  The dragon was a rental i got in the pack. I forgot if the gear was vigilant or Assailing.I only got the helm and boots. Notice my health went up a mile.
                          This is the assailing dragon pet. I went to the Petnome project by Kevin Battleblood and found out that almost all of the stats for this pet is awesome for a fire wiz, or any wizard for that matter.Look HERE!

I couldn't get into the Athenem and Quest so i just logged off.
So anyway, The poll will be over in an hour or less, and i don't any of the other choices are making a comeback.  So, the characters for the Drake wars are going to be....

Daniel AshLeaf ; Hero of the story, form an ancient wizarding family from Dranax, Unsure of his powers. Class undetermined . Novice.

Abigail WindHaven; Daniel's friend, from a family of Storm Wanderers, Diviner. Grandmaster.

Jacob DarkSword:  shady character, little is know about him. Necromancer. Legendary.

 Destiny SpellBlade: Assistant to Headmaster Ambrose. Overworked. Theuargist. Grandmaster.

Cameron FrostWhisper. Nervous and academically gifted. Picked on a lot. Danial's friend. Thauthurgist. Novice.

Alex LegendDreamer: Danial's friend. Carefree and likes to daydream. Bane of Cyrus Drake's teaching life. Conjurer. Novice.

There is going to be much more, but so far this is all I got now.

Also, we went past 1000 views! Yay! Thank you for taking your time to come to this blog!

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.                                                                                                  -Thomas Merton

Happy Magiking!

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