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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuff. Interesting Stuff.Very Interesting Stuff.

Hey people,
 Lol i didn't know what to call this, so hence the random title.
I was wondering. If you read my blog at all, try to leave a comment. Just wanted to see. Anyway, this might be our longest post yet. So, first, I have a housing showcase for Blaze GriffonTamer. Our first one! Its a Celestian Lost Island house, which is normal enough, but one of the things that makes it interesting is that he bought the whole thing with gold, which mean 100,000 gold. I know, anybody can collect that much, but he still had enough money to do the house itself, which is very awesome. So lets start!

    So in the beginning you start to see this is going to be a forest like house,

Then you see something is going to be different.

In front of the house is a jungle area. It is actually pretty big.

                                                              Another part of jungle area

Some poor sap right here.

When you turn around you have some ancient destroyed dwelling here, with statues they used to worship maybe?  Before they learned to control their powers? Who know?

And here's a wild ram, drinking at a watering hole. Better not get to close ;)

So we go trhough the secret entrance behind the waterfall and we come to a pet filled, magic center like room.

Then I stand in front of a giant rock thats coming towards me.

At first the inside of the house kind of looks like a maze of tablets.....

..... buts its actually covering the inside.

So this ancient forest has.... a relaxtion bar in it. Weird. But even weirder....
... Is that there's no root beer left. Must be a big crowd here ;)

So anway, thats it with the inside. There's a lot more outside.

I accidently forgot to screen shot how I got here, so I will just post some pictures of the other rug glitch places.

                                                                       Wait a second!


What are those things! They look like bugs! ( as I am saying) Are they invaders of the spiral? Will we ever find out?

Lol so thats the showcase, awesome house Blaze, That must have had a lot of work put into it.

Next Are some pictures I drew. I know my Handwriting is bad and they look like a one armed monkey drew them, but I had nothing else to do. I WAS BORED!
                                                                    ( CLICK TO ZOOM)

So the first one is a map of the spiral. I've always wanted a whole map of the spiral. Every time we get a new world i will draw a new one in. And I know, Wintertusk is a continuation of Gh, and is techincally in it. If your all wondering what the Giant floating Humongofrog is, the look here! Earth is in the corner there with the moon.

The second one is a wizards tool box. I don't know why I did it. All the runes are made up.

Well that's it for Today!
Long post, huh?

Happy Magiking!

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