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Monday, June 6, 2011

Prologue of the Drake wars!

So, what you all have been waiting for (i hope), the prologue of the Drake wars!

By: Talon Nightshade

13 years earlier

The ancient world of Dranax was burning.
 It was the Ancestral home of the drakes, a mysterious world, filled with secrets from before the time of the elemental Titans. It still had echoes of the powerful magic that had been released when the First Dragon Titan had risen. When the Humans arrived through the World tree, and began colonizing the Drakes land and hunting them, the Drakes had attacked the Humans, razing their city's until a Great wizard had cast a spell banishing the Drakes to the ruined world of Dragonspyre, making it so they were trapped there. Although not all of the Drakes were banished, some powerful enough to fight the effects of the spell, they were unable to get out of their hiding places, being too preoccupied fighting the spell, which slowly drained their energy until they were consumed by the spell and were transported to Dragonspyre, often as a skeleton. Over the years the world had prospered, filling with people and settlements. It was also a place of learning, where the Dranax institute of Magic was located. The institute was rivals with Dragonspyre academy before the fall, and Ravenwood school, It focused mostly on Balance magic, though it trained its students in every aspect of magic. Even though they were enemies with the Drakes, they were still classes in Dragon lore, to prepare the youth if there was an attack. The people of the world were proud. Almost too proud. They would be taught humility tonight.

  The guards at the edge of the world looked out into the darkness with rapt attention, but over the hours they began to fall asleep, shirking their duty. A fatal mistake. The Drakes arrived at Midnight, silent as a Blood bat, deadly as an enraged Hydra. They dispatched the Guards easily, sending them tumbling down the cliff lifelessly.Then they attacked. Screams ripped through the night as the inhabitants of the world became aware they were under siege. Infernal roars echoed through the air, striking fear into the hearts of all. Claws scratching were heard. Explosions of flames destroyed the sentry towers bringing them crashing down. Above all, a chanting in words that were unable to understand resounded all round the world.
The previous owners wanted their world back. And they were going to get it.

As the Draxanians recovered from their shock, they drew their weapons and charged the enemy. Helephants and Collossus'  charged as one and brought down scores of Drakes. A group of
Sun birds dive bombed a pack of Draconians, bringing them down under the onslaught of fiery pecks and kicks. Ice Giants wrecked havoc in the enemy as they froze Drakes in mid-flight, bringing them crashing to the ground. Multi-colored blasts of energy flew, hitting the enemy with explosions. But the tide of the battle was changing. A Dragon flew off with a legion of warriors. The buildings of the city began to burn from the Drake fire. Staffs broke, Wands began to lose their glow. The last defending line was pushed back towards the city under the pillar of pure destruction. A gruff voice yelled to the warriors to flee, and the last Humans on Dranax disappeared, leaving sparks as they teleported to a safe world. Flames licked the empty world, bringing it to the ground as ashes. The Drakes roared in victory, and blasted pillars of fire into the air. Then they stopped, and began to slink away. They had one more prey to capture. 

A Wizard hurried across a destroyed alley on the east side of the world. He wore Black robes and wore a death pendant. His head was covered by a shroud. He brought out a Silver and black staff and blasted away some rubble blocking his path. He stopped and looked back. A steady stream of concentrated heat was being projected off the face of the world. From the center of it. He quickened his pace, reducing everything that was in his path to dust. The world had been completely destroyed by the Dragons' wrath. Once beautiful buildings and parks were now only ruins, a almost similar image to that of Dragonspyre. He looked saddened at the prospect that his world had fallen. No, not saddened, fearful. There were many secrets in the world. Secrets worth giving your life up for. The Wizard stopped at a fallen Drake. It was a magnifecant beast, ten feet long and covered with armor like scales colored of deep vermillion. It had a arrow shaped head and a tail that ended in a barb. Sharp claws protruded from powerful legs. Its body was covered in wounds, though not the usual, it was covered in claw and fang wounds, only a drake could inflict that. "Spark Fang", said the Wizard in a mysterious, yet strong voice. The Dragon opened its intelligent, crimson eyes. It opened its maw, exposing rows of hundreds of teeth sharpened to a point. " Are they ready", spoke the Great beast in a voice that aroused thoughts of a volcano erupting and a inferno of flames. " Yes", spoke the Wizard, "Take them to Merle Ambrose, teach them the ancient arts, and do not tell them of their heritage." The Wizard walked away as the Drake prepared to takeoff. " And",said the Wizard, turning around," Tell Merle of The Prophecy." He turned away as the Dragon jumped into the air, beat its wings, and leapt into the smoky sky. The Wizard stared at the remains of his world and stopped, noticing the pillar of fire had stopped. He sensed smething. A presence of immeasurable age and Intelligence. He drew a long obsidian blade from his belt, preparing to fight. Suddenly, he was gripped by strong Draconian hands and lost his weapon. He fought back, sending several of them tumbling to the ground with foul taste of his shoe on their tongues, but stopped when they brought a unconscious woman by his side." Sylvia!", he gasped before he was clouted on the ear and silenced. Thye were surrounded by Drakes. They all had their mouths open and the pungent aroma of rotten flesh was smelled around. They obviously anticipated a good meal. Suddenly a shiver went throughout the ranks, and they parted, allowing a thin, narrow aisle to form in front of the Humans. The invaders knelt, bowing their heads as a enormous, pure black Drake walked through the aisle. Its eyes were dark red, showing no kindness at all. On its back was a man wearing armour and a helm shaped like a Drake head. He had pale skin, almost if he had seen no sunlight, and Pure gray eyes. His otherwise handsome face was maured by a scar stretching from his right ear to his left jaw. He showed no compassion, though he was grinning broadly. He jumped off the back of his Dragon and landed lightly on his fight. He began to circle the Wizard, closely watching him. Then he spoke in a raspy, death-like voice. " So, we finally caught you..... Malistaire Drake." Then he lunged foreward and the world went black.

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William shakespeare was also a thaumurtage( or how you say a ice wizard)  weird, ;)

Thou art all ice.Thy kindness freezes
.- William Shakspeare

Happy Magiking!

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  1. There are some mistakes in their lol, the spelling check wasn't working. Like in the last paragraph, its " landed lightly on his feet. And " They were surrounded. I will change it once i can get on the computer.


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