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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Remeber Mount-a-palooza? This is going to be way cooler! (btw, i am a serious pet collector)

So what it is mostly is that between June 6th and June 14th you can buy some new pets. Some old pets are coming back and some pets are 50% off! You'll also get a free pet snack when you log in on your account!

                                                                 So just watch the video!

Did you see the part with all the cloud beasts? How much would that had cost in gold for hatching? A few million gold probably.

  The Friendly Necromancer also pointed out that there was a Uncle-Sam-eprachauchn ;)

Well thats it, just the quote left.

Looks like this guy was a necromancer ;)
                          Call no man happy till he is dead.                                                      -Aeschylus

Happy Magiking!

 Ps. Can you please decide about the poll soon, please?

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