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Sunday, June 5, 2011

If you have a question.....

Please send it to me if you think i can answer it. I've only been playing for a year, so I'm not as knowledgeable as Friendly or Cassandra or Autumn. Just a little note there. Also i have decided to make a fan-fic. It will be called The Drake war. Each chapter will be from the point of a different wizard, so you get to decide which one is next.If you want to participate and be a wizard, please contact me at sghsri@yahoo.com ( same for questions ). Please send me your wizards name, school, level, favorite spells, pets used most often,  weapon used (wand, staff, sword ) and a badge. I think there will be at least five chapters, so four of you readers. Just a suggestion. 
                                                        Also wanted to post my stats


I know i have bad stats, and not that much gold, but i was aiming for high health.
Also i will be posting Quotes of famous "wizards"
So, it seems Shakespeare was a pyromancer ;)

And where two raging fires meet together, they do consume the thing that feeds their fury.
- William Shakespeare
                               Well thats it for now!
                                                                   Happy Magiking


  1. I remember back before I was legendary I always went for high health. It's really the most useful thing through most of the game. I only started going for other things after I hit around level 50 or so.

  2. Lol when i get to 50 i probably would have to think about criticals and other stuff, though now my strategy is just staying alive as long as possible lol.

  3. I have some suggestions, Talon (lol). Considering that I am a Pyromancer, I can help you! Recommendations:
    -aim for health,it's necessary
    -increase percent damage, it'll kill enemies faster
    -increase percent accuracy, we have low accuracy, you need a sure fire hit:)
    -get gold! I'll meet you in game and farm with you.
    -don't get resistance, fire mobs, don't do much damage
    For now, I would keep the gear until lvl 45. Then the good gear comes in!-Thunderblade

  4. Lol thanks! The way I fight mobs usually is throwing a bladed meteor and then pheonix/Helephent when needed.Occasional a sunbird. When I try to find Good gear with lots of Health they usually have low accuracy and damage, sometimes non at all. It helps a little I know sprite and Guardian shield, but not by much. Lol the reason I have such low gold is because I spent most of it on hatching and making my house cooler, I appreciate the offer to farm with me! Once I get my sub back, My cash flow will return. Maybe we can meet in game sometime? At Luke Goldhorn's party?
    Thank you for the advice!


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