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Friday, June 17, 2011


So hi guys!

Sorry i haven't posted soon, there have been a lot of things going on.
First on the list is about Malorn Ghostrider's (of Maniac Magic) party in his Autumn carnival house. I was fortunate enough to attend, and i have to say, he might rival Page Moonshade (of Paige's page) at housing! I would give you guys some pictures, but the computer isn't letting me find them lol. Just imagine a orange plants, carnival huts, a library full of books. A overgrown feast area. A alleyway of fire. A orange blooms floating carpet thing. A swimming pool. And six pumpkins. Your probably wondering what are the six pumpkins for. Well it was for a scavenging hunt. I actually like this idea, becuase the people get to see the house completely. I was able to find five of them, but had to log off early lol, but i hear they went to Blaze's Massive Fantasy Palace and had fun there. I think Bailey Skystaff was there. But still, awesome job Malorn!
A lot of Blogs attended like, The Heroic Pyromancer, An Epic Thamarturge, The Diviners Lane, The Elementalists , Fin and Quinn and many more I can't remember lol.

I have also been questing in Dragonspyre, and i have finished the Tower Archives and am in the opening quest for Plaza of Conquests. I have to now read the art of war book, which the Heroic Pyromancer has gratefully told me where it is, lol. Thanks, Talon( ThunderBlade)! So i captured a few pictures of my whole experiance in Ds so far, but the this stupid computer won't let me show it to you x smacks head x. So, sorry! I made a cover for the Drake wars and i am almost halfway through writing chapter one. So here's the cover page!

                                                                  (CLICK TO SEE BETTER)

So, does it nail the old, worn, manuscript look? Also, if you can't read the script on the bottom, its " IN THE DARK, THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT." Doesn't it sound so mystic, lol.

So thats it for Today, i will try to post tommorrow!

And I'm not very coordinated, either. Only on ice skates, not in real life.                                                           -Julie Benz
Happy Magiking!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I actually got the idea for the pumpkins from the zeke quests, it really helps people explore the house more.


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