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Sunday, October 30, 2011

ShadowRider Academy is opened! ( And some possible solutions to problems )

Hey Guys!

ShadowRider Academy just opened, and it rocked! Here are some pics!
The Great Hall
Fire class
Fun In Housing
More housing fun

I really like this idea, but there are some problems.
1. Too much talking from all different classes
2. no one listening
3. Lot of silliness

Some solutions I came up with were:
1. Each class should be in one group, so classes can only see their own classes talking
2 If someone is acting up, remove them from the house, or block them in a detention area

This is an awesome academy and I think that it would make the wizard 101 experience much better.
Great job guys!

Happy Magiking!


  1. Just saying, I have an academy, too: Spiritblade Academy.

  2. o, thnx for telling me Talon, do you have like a blog I can follow?


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