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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Mysterious Island, part 1

Sup Wizards! Having a nice week so far?

The Mysterious Island is this island I decorated. I just finished it, so I thought I would share it with you guys! I made a story line of sorts. So here it is:

Stranded. Alone.
My name is John. John EmeraldWeaver. I was part of a search team searching for a missing group of explorers. Only I survived the crash. I am stuck on this island until the rescue team comes.

I seem to have found the missing explorers campsite. It looks abandoned, like it hasn't been used in weeks.

I might as well try to find the explorers while I'm here. What could go wrong?

I walk up the ramp, which cracks from my weight, alerting me of its age.
 I see a ancient structure, but to note to check it out later.

Through the dense foliage, I see a glimpse of what may be a village. 
I see many Manders, and they seem peaceful enough, so I make use of their hospitality.
There village is very luxurious, but they seem to be on edge.
I consulted with their leader, a mander with red markings signifying him as the chief. He tells me that the Manders were not originally from this island but were washed ashore when a Krok slave ship ran aground nearby. They were able to live, but on a another tribe's land. There was a long standing feud between the two tribes. Recently, the other tribe had captured the chief's daughter, and were going to sacrifice her. Being the gentlemen I am, I agree to save the chief's daughter.
I bid farewell, condemning my fate.
I delve into the jungle, the unknown.

I notice a grave, I hope this is not what I amount to.
I seem to be approaching the other tribe's fort.

From a distance I survey their village, it is definitely not peaceful.

yep, definitely.
I approach, trying to diplomatically work with them.

I don't think it worked.
But at least I found the Chief's daughter.
We hatch an escape plan and wait until the guard for our cage changes.

and we run for our lives.

For some reason they don't give pursuit ( Ninja pig pets are bad at posing lol ) 

Finally we arrive at the village and the Chief's daughter gasps with delight.

I reunite the chief with his daughter and they both are overjoyed.

As a thanks, the chief gives me one of the two beetles they captured. I thank them and go on my way.
As I walk away, I notice the ancient structure once more.
I delve into the building, unsure of what I will find inside.
I find what seems to be a overgrown temple inside. It seems to be thousands of years old.
It is a architectural marvel that it has survived this long.
I examine a pedestal probably used for sacrifices in front of the idol, finding a inch of dust inside.
I find many treasure that are unknown to modern science.
I discover a chamber to the side and see that it is dedicated entirely to the art of life magic.
It has a power to it that calms me of all my worries.
I try to read the manuscript, and find it eaten beyond repair by bugs. The part that is legible shows life spells that is unknown to the modern world.

the entrance to a side chamber is locked, unfortunately. x cries x
( lol )

I exit the ancient temple, still marveling on what I just found.

Will I survive long enough got the rescue team to come? What more mysterious secrets and extraordinary sights will I see? Will i find the explorers? Find out in part 2!!!

Lol, well that was part 1, I will definitely have part 2 out tomorrow.

Happy Magicking!


  1. Oh! I like this! I really do! Tip: press ctrl g to remove the character gadgets.

  2. Thnx talons, that's a awesome trick, btw, thnx!!


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