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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mysterious Island part 2

Hey everyone!

Here's part 2 of my Mysterious Island house:

I go outside again and start to walk into the jungle.
A pesky bloodbat annoys us until Beetle gets lunch. ( lol ) 

I make out a dim campfire through the dense undergrowth.
I think I found another Tribe.
They seem quite friendly, though their happiness is gone. I ask one of them what is wrong and he responds in a shrill voice. He says their Ancient jewel of power was stolen by something called The Beast. All who have tried to recover it have disappeared. He says that he knows where the missing explorers are and will give the information for the jewel. I have no choice but to agree to the terms.
I say goodbye to my new "friends" run towards the waterfall where The Beast's cave is.
I notice a runestone, is it a warning?
Was this used for sacrifices? Trying to not think about my fate, I delve into the cave.
The cave is dirty, full of bones and rubbish collected by The Beast. Thankfully The Beast doesn't seem to be home.
I find the gem next to where The Beast sleeps( which doesn't smell good). The gem glows with a brilliant light and revives me .
As I make to walk out, I notice a dark tunnel. I do the natural thing.
I run into it.

Finally the tunnel ends into a lit room.
It looks like the blocked off part of the temple, though this looks even more secluded. I look at some of the scrolls on the shelf and they seem to date thousands of years ago.
I can barely control my excitement as I explore the temple.
I come towards a great corridor with objects on the walls. According to a inscription, this was the emperor of the world this island broke off of.
These are sacred words of powers that the native inhabitants believed could control the three titans. They are destroyed beyond repair.
This is a candle that has been burning for thousands of years. It is said to have the power to give courage.
This presumably is a stone demon that could be awoken with a incantation, which has been lost.
This is a everlasting water fountain. It has the power to heal. 
Finally I come to the end of thee corridor and see a artifact that radiates power. The inscription says that if the blue sphere is put upon a staff, the wizard who beholds it will be unbeatable. As I reach for it (Well this guy is greedy lol ) a slow rumbling virbrates through the air. Suddenly a giant rock begins to roll towards me and I run for my life.
I slowly reach a dead end. Suddenly i notice a side chamber to the side and jump into it.
The rock rolls past me with a woosh and i hear a great crash and the sound of branches crashing.
I come out of my hiding place and make my way to where the rock fell. Judging by how deep it went, I bet these tunnels go for miles. I whistle, thinking that the ancient architects must have been busy.
Thinking that it would be safer to make my way back, I retrace my route and exit through The Beast's cave
 I wade through the river towards the tribe's village.
The imps are very happy to get their gem back, and their energy seems to double( which is saying something)  They tell me where the missing explorers are, and choke with surprise. I bid them farewell and go on my way.
My name is John. John EmeraldWeaver. I was part of a search team searching for a missing group of explorers. Only I survived the crash. I am stuck on this island until the rescue team comes. I see the rescue team on the horizon. They land and I tell them where to find the missing explorers. They raise their eyebrows but do not show any other emotion. I bet it comes with the job.
We finally arrive at the location of the missing explorers. Its not what you expect.
Me with leader of the explorers, Travis Titantheif ( his blog is here ) whose team and him went on vacation in the middle of the expedition. They have now more than fifty applications for for entry.

Lol I know, bad ending, but it wasn't supposed to be that serious. ( btw, no offence intended to you, Travis)Well that was my first completed house, and I am happy that I did it. Please give me some feedback and tell me anything in the comments. 

Happy Magiking!

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