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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Orgin of names in the spiral

Hey Wizards!

I know some of you are probably thinking this is going to be a boring post, and your probably right, but I had this idea and wanted to show it to you lol. Like Raven-wood, the raven and wood could symbolize Grandmother Raven and Bartelby, who with Merle Ambrose founded the school. Here's some other stuff i found out
Wizard city- A city of Wizards

Krokotopia- basically means a paradise of Kroks

Marelybone- there is actually a area in London called Marelybone
As you can see, both Regent's square and Hyde park are included in the real life Marelybone.

Mooshu- Mooshu is a kind of pork, according to Wikipedia. Also Kyushu is a island of Japan, which Mooshu is based off.

Dragonspyre- it basically means a structure that was burned by a dragon ( pyre is a structure that is used to burn something)

Celestia- Celestial could mean anything in the sky. I think that Celestia is called that because of the astral schools.

Grizzlehiem- Grizzle could be as in grizzly bear, or fur, which most animals there have. Heim is a Norwegian word meaning home, or world.

Wysteria- Wisteria is a flowering pea plant, which has climbing vines. The Zeke quest their has to do with vines, so I think that's why I think that's it.

Well I hope you liked this, tell me what you think by commenting!

Happy magiking!


  1. I think those world names are very clever!

  2. Ya, obviously kingsisle put a lot of work in the names of the game. thnx for commenting Destiny!!


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