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Sunday, October 23, 2011

House ideas!

Hey Wizards!

I came up with these ideas, so tell me what you think in the comments.

Merchant Village- would be in Watchtower hall house, would have many outdoor shops, etc, and a village.

Plant Invasion- would be in Island house, would be overgrown and be taken over by living plants. The mind of the plant would be those Celestian trees.

The Future- Would be in the large mb house, No organic life forms. Would be overrun with clockwork golems and machines. The Secret like room on the second floor would be like the workshop of the Mastermind who created it.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary/ Zoo- It could be in watchtower hall house, or in the small wizard101 house. Would have a variety of Pets and mounts and would be full of trees. Inside could be like a Animal clinic or zookeeper facility's

Air Palace- This would be a Palace floated above the myth house using a glitch. could glitch Pegasus mounts to fly up there, or dragons. Have different pixies/ fairies live there.

The room of Pathways- This would be in a dorm room and would be filled with teleporters. Pretty basic idea, but seems cool.

 The Ancient fort- Would be in the Sun palace. Would have some destroyed Catapults( those Grizzelheim like carts maybe?)  and some stones on the outside of the fort. A lot of bones too.

More ideas coming up! Tell me what you think!

Happy Magiking!


  1. Nice! You should post this on Housing101 too!

  2. Lol thnx Malorn, and I meet do that this after school.


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