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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drake Wars chapter one!!

Hey wizards!! I finally forced myself to post this, so here, lol             


On Unicorn way, In a small cottage right next to the Hedge Maze, Daniel Ashleaf glanced at himself in the mirror. His hat was crooked and his robe was too big. He strapped on a pair of normal brown boots and took a deep breath. He was ready for his first day of school.

Daniel walked down the stairs, tripping and almost decapitating his family's pet fire cat, Tiger. The fiery feline gave him a angry look and padded away, leaving soot marks in his wake. Daniel went down to the kitchen, and saw his mother and father already ready for his Initiation Ceremony. " Good Morning, Daniel! ", exclaimed his mother, hugging him close. Wilona Ashleaf was a stout woman, who seemed to bring happiness with her. Daniel forced a weak smile, not able to talk with the nervousness in him."It's not everyday my Danny starts his wizard training!", she said happily, gently pushing him into his seat. Daniel took a box of Frosted Drakes, recoiling back as a jet of icy wind chilled his face."So, dear, remember we, we still love you no matter what school your chosen for",his mother said gently." Fat chance if you get into Death", his father said darkly, shoving a enormous amount of Drakes into his mouth. Daniel's father was a tall man, who seemed menacing yet friendly at the same time.He was a Pyromancer of the highest degree, graduating at the top of his class and becoming a Technomancer, a job where one uses their fire power to create advanced metal structures. He had recently returned form a trip to Marleybone after the Big Ben clock had broken down. " Blaze!, don't discourage him!". Daniel genuinely smiled into his bowl, Home sweet Home. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Mrs.Ashleaf shouted from the door, "Cameron and Abigail are here!". Daniel jumped up from his half finished bowl of cereal. grabbed his fallen hat, hugged his parents, and ran out the door. Outside was a very small and pale boy with curly hair and a large girl wit striking purple eyes and fizzy brown hair." Hiya Danny!", said the girl, ruffling his hair." hey Abby", Daniel said, swatting at a group of faeries which had mistaken his hair for one of their nests. Abigail Windhaven was from a family of Storm Wanderers, a elite class of Storm wizards that could manipulate the sky at their will. It needed strict discipline to be one, though, which Abby was not good at. She was reckless and unpredictable, but destructive in battle. She wore her trademark purple armor, and a Hydra amulet she had picked up in Mooshu. The boy next to her nervously fingered a bronze timepiece, absentmindedly freezing it." We should be going, Daniel", Cameron said in his Marelybonian accent. His parents were private detectives, and when Cameron was born, was asked to help with the efforts against the O'leary crime spree. Cameron had grown up there, still doubting magic could trump science. He was a thaumaturge, and was as smart as a icicle, but was not not able to get any friends. He was picked on a lot, though was perfectly capable of freezing his tormentors into a block of ice. Cameron lived on Colossus Boulevard and Abigail on Triton Avenue, and couldn't see each other as much as they wanted. But now that Daniel was starting his magical education at the Initiation, they would live on the same campus. The Initiation was a ceremony each year where new students were welcomed and older students ranked up. It was a ancient Magical ceremony, dating back thousands of years. Cameron would this year become a apprentice, now being a senior Novice. Abigail would become a grandmaster, though had already become one unofficially, after she had mastered all of the storm spells. This would be her Seventh year at Ravenwood, marking her final year and start of her career. Sometimes one of the students earned the arcane title legendary. This could only be accomplished by doing great, heroic deeds. The Initiation ceremony would be a starting point in Daniel's whole life. It was a big day.

As the three friends walked to school,they talked about what to expect this year. The Headmaster had now allowed students to study the newly discovered Astral magic as a elective this year, and the dorms had been expanded to accommodate the growing population of the student body. They strolled through the commons, listening to the sounds of the waking city, They passed a tree and they tripped and sprawled on the ground, their feet resting on a unseen force." Whaaaa...", exclaimed a sleepy voice which seemed to come from the tree. Daniel and Cameron stood gaping, but Abigail muttered a incantation, which aroused a storm cloud an promptly doused a space next to the tree." Hey! Stop it!", yelled the now completely awake voice. Suddenly a wet boy garbed in yellow robes appeared out of thin air." Abby!", he sighed, I was in a really great dream!". "Sorry to burst your bubble, Dream boy, but we're going to be late to the Initiation because of you, which you should be at", Abigail said curtly, her purple eyes flashing angrily. " ok, ok, I'm sorry, now could you please quit with the drenching", the boy said exasperatedly, rubbing his eyes. Abigail snapped her fingers and the monsoon stopped." Daniel, Cameron, this is my...... friend Alex LegendDreamer,which is pretty much all he does. He's in myth, and we're in the same year". The boy smiled at the younger wizards, though still looked a little disgruntled at Abby's behavior. They all got up and proceeded the trip to Ravenwood. Alex had the tendancy to nod off after every few minutes, dreaming in some far off land. The arrived at Ravenwood, nodding at the school trees they passed. They came to Bartelby, who looked a bit sad, but brightened at the sight of the students. Bartelby spoke in a voice that sounded like the wind rushing through a tree and it swaying." Your all a bit late, ( Abby gave Alex a sharp look) but you can squeeze in". The old tree smiled and opened his mouth wide, allowing the students to pass through and into the Spiral chamber. They stepped in and experiance the swirling feeling of coming into a magic place. They found themselves in a circular chamber filled with wizards. In the center where the spiral door usually sat was a pedestal with a great old book on it. Next to it was the old, wizened wizard known as Merle Ambrose, who was the Headmaster of the Ravenwood school of Magic. Students stood in the chamber, slowly stepping up to Merle and who asked the book, which he called the Book of Secrets. He consulted the book for every student, which seemed to decide whether to rank up the student, or which school they would major in . After the school was determined, thed student was teleported to meet their teacher. Slowly the amount of students in the chamber dwindled, and the four of them came to the front. Both Abigail and Alex succesfully graduated to their Grandmaster year, and Cameron to his Apprentice. Before Cameron teleported, he whispered to Daniel" Good luck!". Daniel nodded back in thanks, but The other boy was already gone. Daniel took a deep breath and walked to the Headmaster. "Come boy, I won't bite!", Merle said impatiently, he had a meeting with Mr.Lincoln after this. As Daniel came closer to the book, he began to notice that it was written in a arcane language, and seemed to move across the page. Suddenly when he approached, the book's letters began to swirl and jumble together. The pages began to glow and ruffle, flipping back and forth. suddenly, the book opened to a ancient page, which was lined with dust. Daniel noticed that it was page number 32,104, but the book seemed to carry only a a few hundred pages. As Proffeser Ambrose's gaze lingered over the page, his eyes widened in shock. His hands began to shake as he withdrew a old sheet of parchment that was tucked into a corner. The Headmaster began to stammer as he saw the desicion of the book. Suddenly, the old man said shakily,"The Prophecy.....It has begun.....".

Well thats Chapter 1! I hope you liked it! I will probably finish writing chapter 2 soon, but no promises. Please comment what you think, and answer the poll! Thanks!
Happy Magiking!

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