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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Talon's (kind of) weekly W101 ideas 2, PvP ideas!

Hey guys :) Today I have the newest installment in Talon's weekly W101 ideas. I'm kind of thinking to make this a monthly thing, but who knows?. Anyway, lets get started!

So my ideas are basically trying to improve these two basic, yet crucial, parts of PvP.
  • The Spectator-ship
  • How everything looks( mainly what I am talking here is about the Arenas).
So lets start with "Spectator-ship". So currently you just find a match thats in session and watch. Most of the time you can't get a good view, your character's body and head block the battle. You can maybe bump up against a wall and remove your character from the camera, but your view is still not that good. You can't even see how much health each person has or anything! Something I think that would make watching PvP matches much cooler to watch would be the introduction of a "Arena view". Basically what this would be is a kind of "First Person view" which allowed flying over the arena and the ability to see how much health each player had. Your character would not be show to you and you could look around unhindered around the arena at the battle, while flying around the battle and getting a great view of the battle. They would also be able to get crucial information about the battle and such. I think this idea is quite simple, and would enhance the Spectator experience in PvP. I really think that more people would come to the Arena just to watch a battle lol.

I also wanted to talk about the Arena(s). So currently we have Wizard city, Krokotopia, Marelybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, and Grizzelhiem Arena's, but what about all the new worlds that were just discovered? Could you just imagine a Celestia, Wysteria, Zafaria, and Avalon? I had a few ideas of what they could look like:

Celestia- the arena for Celestia would be like a big dome surrounded by water. The floor would be the same type of stone seen in Celestia. here is a picture:

(click to enlarge)
Wysteria arena- It could look like the arena when you fight Randolph to win the Wysteria tournemant. Here is a picture from this awesome site :) : 

(click to enlarge)

Zafaria arena- I think it would be best as the arena in the Sun Palace house. Here is a picture:
(click to enlarge)

Avalon arena- this arena would be basically like a medieval jousting arena with weapon racks on the sides. I don't have any pictures for this one, but you can imagine :P.

So thats pretty much it :P Tell me how you like my ideas in the comments below :) Thanks for reading and.........

Happy Magiking!

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