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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Votes are in :)

Hey guys, so the votes are in and "Banana Eating Squids" won first place, Mostly Wizard101 content won second, just Wizard101 content won third, and Wizard101 and other Games one fourth. So unfortunately I can't really make a blog on Banana Eating Squids, so I will live this photo for you :) Its a Squid thats a banana :P

So I guess mostly Wizard101 one, so I will have some different posts for all of you :D

Happy Magiking and Thanks for voting :D


  1. That what make an awesome pet! XD

    ~Keep It Dead

  2. It's official. Banana squid? Weirdest thing I've seen all week, XD. thx for the image!


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