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Monday, July 2, 2012

Rome 2 Total war announced!

Hey guys, to begin with I want to say this is not a Wizard101 post, but it is still pretty cool :). So as some of you know, I love pretty much all Strategy Games, and the Total war series is my favorite :D. So Today The Creative Assembly announced their next game in the series, Rome 2 Total war, which is the sequel to the Awesome game, Rome Total war! Here are some pictures that were released, I think they are sketches of the game, not the real thing:


A Roman Navy attacking a big city with onboard onagers(catapults)


A burning city.

Roman Soldiers about to face some Armoured Carthaginian Elephants

I believe this is a Bireme or a Trireme, not sure.

Here are some Videos:


And here are some articles:

I honestly can't wait lol, Rome Total war was one of my favorite Strategy Games, and the sequel just looks awesome :D. The main website for the whole series is here. Rome 2 is expected to come out in 2013.

If you don't know what Rome Total war, or any of the other Total war games are, go to this very informative Wikipedia page, which briefly takes you through each of the 10 games in the series. Here are some pictures of the orginal Rome Total war:

A small Barbarian village

A Carthaginian General with his mounted bodyguards

Parthian Cataphracts charging into battle

A Persian army attacking a Macedonian Army at a river in the Alexander Campaign.

Scippi Romans in Testudo(Turtle) formation.

Seleucid War elephants marching across a coastline

If you want to find out more information, there are countless videos of Rome total war on youtube. Thanks :)

Laudem Romam duo totalis bellum!

First Person to find out what that means and comments below will get a KI free game code ;). I will just say that the Google Translate has a Latin to English Translator :)

Felix Magiking!
(Happy Magiking in Latin ;) )


  1. The praise of Rome total war two!


  2. Congrats destiny ;) I will send you the code shortly :D


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