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Friday, December 23, 2011


Hey Guys!

I just made Transcended finishing Waterworks XD
Here are the new badges:
Waterworks Warrior :D
Transcended :D

I also found this old picture of me when I was a young Pyromancer in Krokotopia lol :

How much has changed since then lol?

What is your earliest Wizard101 memory?

Happy Magiking!

P.S sorry for the short post, but i am getting some cool stuff to show you soon ;)


  1. I was just with you when this happened 3 minutes ago! First comment baby! :D

    Gratz again!

  2. Dont'cha love looking back at those old pics? I have only one but about ten tales branch from it. :) Earliest memory? Hmm....
    I had just encountered Malistaire for the first time, and I didn't know that I had to stand next to the Golem Tower door for a while. I ported to my dorm instead. :)

  3. @BlazeShadowHorn yep XD You know there was like a five minute difference from when you posted on your blog and I on mine XD
    @DestinySoultamer lol ya, always a nice experiance! Thats pretty funny XD I oncethought that pets grew into mounts but that wasn't my earliest memory. My earliest was probably losing at pvp in practice arena, though that still happens XD
    thnx guys!

  4. Thnx :P though its kind of annoying since I have the elephant graveyard left to do without XP lol


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