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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rain Of Fire quest! And Some Other Stuff.

Hey Guys!

I got Rain of fire and wanted to share the whole quest with you guys!

I can handle a vacation, lol
Safety first.
to celestia!
never noticed the storm titan here lol
I can picture a volcano in this jungle.
That would be cool, to sense volcano's.
Lol very obvious.
To the Fire Lady!! LOL
x insert caption x
That is a cool picture of a flame.
Dalia Falmea has seriously awesome hair XD
                                                           Yes Fire Lady, I mean Proffesor
Who Knew?
I found out that is a actual Normal different ds boss
To the Book Guy!
It has been a while, hasn't it.

That much was obvious from the beggining
My Entertainment is taking you down!
My Quest arrow calls him the collector, GLITCH!
Starting battle
I noticed that he favors a particular spell each time you fight him
He was fond for wraiths. The second time I fought him he liked skeletal pirate.
My power pips aren't working for some reason.
Again he does a wraith
Gargantuan efreet coming up!
woot! but he blocks most criticals.

I ran out of cards XD.
This was my new deck. Notice the reshuffles and more one player attacks.
The Quest Arrow was pointing toward the Necropolis instead of the Atheneum. GLITCH!

To battle!
Right after a efreet attack.
After a Helephant attack. I need to click the screenshot button faster XD.
YAY! Finally!
O. O
I stand  where many other bloggers stand. Its a very emotional moment. x cries x XD
Weird that it groups fire, Death and Storm in one group and Balance Ice and Myth in one group, leaving life in the middle.
I was feeling very peaceful coming back to the fire school and noticed this. A spiral in the sky. Maybe another Galaxy, like ours?
Thats a awesome amount of gold
Cool! Always wanted to put a volcano in the middle of a highly populated residential area! Lol jk, that would really bad.
Lets see what Shellus has to say about this.

This is the place where I Summoned a phoenix for some spell or another. Maybe Phoenix's DO live in Volcanoes!
Can I summon a Volcano next to you? Thnx!

Come Volcano spirits!
Woah, Thats a lot of fire.
I'm almost as big as a mountain mommy! lol jk
That would hurt XD
How are you doing Shellus?
Of course I can Handle the Heat! I AM Level 68! lol
Some Low levels started to Spam me with Friend Requests XD.
Actually if we had a choice, I would live in Firecat Alley. Seems really cool.
Another thing I noticed.  There are a lot of nails on the underside of that ship.
Now to test it out!
O btw, My sister was playing and noticed that one of her potion bottles were Half full. Does anyone else hate it when that happens? Anyways, back to Trying out Rain of Fire.
Flying Water mole! AH!

So Here is some Other stuff I have done.
Found this reference to a Council of Light which battles Morganathe. Maybe we become an honory member of the council later on?
Btw, Zafaria has a seriously cool world map
I have decided to discontinue my Musuem House and are making a mad scientists laboratory in a storm house.  
Massive attack.
Even more Massive damage. So the total damage would be 6891 damage to all. This is a seriously awesome spell.

Well Thats it!
I am going to put a question each post for you to answer in the comments. 

Which street would you live on in Wizard city and why?

Happy Magiking!


  1. This is an amazing post (:

    I would live on... Triton Avenue because there a lot of water there so that means one thing... FREE FISH! :3

  2. Thnx! And cool, Triton would be awesome but it would be kind of drizzly Lol

  3. I'd prefer living in GH, where I can gaze at the starry sky and enjoy the beautiful landscape any time I want to...and (DrakeFlame) there's a lot of fish too.

  4. Gh would be awesome to live in too! But what is with the fish obbession lol jk

  5. Hmm... I would for sure wanna live on triton avenue... But if i could live in any world, it would definitely have to be Zafaria... In the Savannah :) I would build a hut or something...

  6. If i could live in Zf i would probably live in Zamunda or Stone Town XD

  7. Patrick DragonbloodAugust 9, 2012 at 6:40 PM

    I would have to choose Firecat Alley as well XD which makes sense, as I am a lvl 66 Fire Wizard :P


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