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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Project and some stuff!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for not posting, but I have been preparing for something big. You will find out at the end of this post!
Anyway, Wizard101 is having a 12 Days of Christmas celebration. On each day there is a promotion or sale of some sort. The calendar for it is here! Its pretty Awesome!
Anyway, Here are some cool things I found:

Me and Destiny Soultamer, a fellow Blogger standing next to a casket of gold x takes x :) Destiny's Blog is here!
never seen this pet
looks awesome XD
first armor piercing moment, unfortunately on me :(
found a area in the Krok arena i have never seen
looks really cool
A really great Pvp pet
another great pvp pet
my PvP deck

As you have seen, I have been playing Pvp a lot, XD

So You guys are wondering what the big new project is. Well I will give you a hint:
Map+Ancient Times+Spiral= ?

Find out the answer and comment it to win a prize!

Question: What new Housing Object would you make?
( Answer this too)
Happy Magiking!


  1. Hmm...(strokes chin)...either what the Spiral was thought to be in earlier times, what the old Spiral map (from some 'old' time) looked like, or...(I'm stumped.)
    Housing object? (Does this count?) Weather change!! I'd like some sun over at my Watchtower, now and then.
    Thanks for posting the screenshot and my blog link!

  2. Lol your so close.... another clue...Pangea....

    And i would like a weather change too XD. Would make the game more interesting!

  3. Oh oh oh!!! I got it!!! Maybe...all the worlds in the Spiral were somehow 'connected', and broke away in some catastrophic event!!
    Okay, I should stop typing as I get more hyper.

  4. Congrats Destiny Soultamer! Please post a comment with a way to contact you, which will not be publicaly posted. You hav won
    ... 2 Ki free game codes!!


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