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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Project Spiral Jigsaw announced!

Hey fellow Wizards!

My New Project is going to be called Project Spiral Jigsaw! Basically what we are going to be doing:
  • Learn more about the History of the Spiral and how it was
  • Work with the SGS ( Spiral Geographic Society led by Allan Nightstone)
  • Try to find how the Spiral used to be before the Great Titan war
  • Have a Great Time!
    Anyway, if you would like to join, please comment or send an email to sghsri@yahoo.com.
I will be making a blog for it very soon, where you can get updates and stuff.

Do you think interact able  Housing items should be implemented in the game more?

Happy Magiking!

EDIT- Here is the link to the New Blog-EDIT


  1. Cool project. I would guess the Spiral was a spherical shape. I reccomend you check out one of the books in Marleybone, i think it's in Chelsea Court, but I may be wrong. It mentions that Marleybone was connected to other worlds, but I can't remember which.

  2. My thoughts exactly lol. I will have to check that book out though. The history books will be our main source of knowledge. Thnx for the comment!

  3. To your question:
    Only on certain items. I think a good interactive feature (as many say) would be to take a seat in the chair in my library.
    I think overdoing it (Though I can see my wizard doing so) is climb-able trees. THAT would be awesome.

  4. Lol sitting down would be cool, but climbing trees would be awesome! Though i think they should make it that if we fall off, we lose health. Nice idea!


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