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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drake Wars chapter 2!!

Hello Wizards!

This is the Drake Wars Chapter 2, as the title says lol. Here it is:

Chapter 2

Headmaster Ambrose began to realize that Daniel was there. He looked strangely at him. He regained his composure and said steadily and slowly. " Go to my office and wait for me, I will be there shortly." The boy walked out and Merle wiped his sweating forehead. He grabbed his hat and sent a text chat message to Mr. Lincoln, canceling the meeting. The old man hurried out of the chamber, not feeling the cold winter wind. If the boy is the one in the prophecy, he thought, then the Darkness has arisen. He shook his head and cleared his mind from the negative thoughts. Everything would be certain when he got to the Grimoire. Ambrose came to the old establishment that was the library and went inside. It was mostly filled with students studying or trying to get out of the cold. He nodded to Harold, the librarian, and walked towards one of the entrances to the restricted section. He calmly passed through all the enchantments blocking the students. The restricted chamber was a long corridor filled with books, lit only by oil lamps every few meters. Many of the books were old and decaying, wasting away on the shelves. Ambrose rushed past these, intent upon getting to the end of the hall. The restricted section was like a maze, going in different directions, including down and up. Only those who had permission were able to navigate their way through its winding passageways.From looking outside, you would never had known that it stretched this far. Merle came to the shelf, stopping and gazing upon the old bindings. He raised his hand and lifted a thick volume from a middle shelf, opening it. It was a  Grimoire, a powerful book of magic that is capable of extraordinary things in the hands of an experienced Wizard. He flipped the pages to the last section, full of yellowing parchment. A brilliant flash of light blasted the room. When Headmaster Ambrose opened his eyes, he was looking at a life-like version of the spiral. This enchantment was a much better version of the spiral model in his tower. He raised his hand and willed the energy to be directed to a small world at the edge of Spiral. The image zoomed in and Ambrose gasped, the world of Dranax was destroyed, and serpentine creatures slithered through the alleyways. Wizard City had had no contact with Wizard city for more than a 20 years. They once used Malistaire Drake as a ambassador between the two worlds but after his wife had passed away he had become more and more reclusive. She was said to have died from a sickness, but no one knew what type of sickness had killed her. Malistaire began to talk of "Listening to the Drakomaster" and "Resurrecting Sylvia" He had one knight stolen one of Bartelby's eyes, the eye of history, and had Transported the whole death school to Nightside. He had gone to Krokotopia, Marelybone,Mooshu, and Dragonspyre to find out a way to raise the Dragon Titan and use its power to destroy all of the worlds. A student of the school, Jacob Darksword, had been able to defeat Malistaire in the nick of time, but Malistaire took his secrets to the grave. Merle closed the book and opened it again to another page, causing the light to fade. He had one more thing to collect. 

Daniel walked out of Bartelby, catching the Ancient tree's eye. " How was it?", Bartelby said. " He left without saying what school I was in", Daniel replied glumly. He waved half-heartedly bye to Bartelby and walked through Ravenwood, taking in the chatter of students. How he longed to be one of them. He walked through the Commons tunnel and strode towards the Headmasters house. He suddenly noticed a person in behind one of the houses. With a erie feeling he understood the person was staring at him. When he met the students eyes, they seemed to melt into the shadows. In his haste to see the person, he crashed into somebody. Papers flew everywhere and somebody screamed shrilly. " I am so sorry!", Daniel told to a a small life wizard. She had bags underneath her eyes and her hair was everywhere." No..No, I should be sorry, I was thinking too much of Headmaster Ambrose's appearance at the opening of the newly constructed Balance tower-"she stopped at Daniel's confused expression and changed the conversation," I'm Destiny SpellBlade, Assistant to Professor Ambrose." She shaked Daniel's hand rapidly and started to gather up all her papers."Wait!" Daniel exclaimed quickly," I saw a person who had eyes that were black and wore the mark of a legendary wizard, do you know who that is? " Thats probably Jacob Darksword, he saved the spiral from Malistaire". " O that's where I've seen him! Daniel had read a newspaper article in Wizard City Times half a year back which
showed Jacob on the front page. He had looked gloomy in that picture, and Daniel wondered why. " Ok, thanks!", Daniel told Destiny and she hurried on her way. Daniel walked to the front door of the Headmasters house and took a deep breath. He opened the door and saw Merle Ambrose sitting on his desk holding a bundle and looking very worried. He was not alone. Jacob Darksword looked at Daniel with a very gloomy expression.

So that's it guys! 

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