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Monday, January 23, 2012

2nd Wizard101 comic!

Hey guys! I finished up my second wizard101 comic! Here it is :

( click to make bigger )
( btw, I'm sick :P)
Anyways, Tell me how you like it lol. I was thinking maybe I should make a comic series, so tell me in the comments if I should.

Question: What are some new pet ideas you have?

Happy Magiking!
P.S I will probably put up a new poll now :P, the old one has been there for months lol :P


  1. I think you should make a comic series, sounds like a great idea. Maybe there could be a graphic-novel like chronicle, like an ongoing story, and then side comics that are like the one shown in this post.

  2. Lol thnx! I would really enjoy making a comic story :P. I probably will do what you said. thnx!

  3. And for the question: I have always wanted a Huskarl-like pet, I think that would be awesome, or maybe a Grendel (Savarstaad). For something a little more IRL, a lynx would be EPIC. I can see that following Des around..


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