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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It has been a while lol

Hey wizards, like the title says, it has been a while. I am seriously sorry for not posting, and I will try to post more Which will get a little harder now that school started. Anyway, I have started a new housing project, which is a island getaway house. I would show it to you so far, but I can't access my pictures for some reason :( lol . So also I made it to level 57 and am now having the quest to do trial of spheres.
Lol yep I have come a lot since we last met! Well I gtg now, but I had thought up a world idea last night, a world of giant bugs, the shadow web world where Morganathe took over. There is going to be a resistance of bugs, and the player get to be recruited as a member. The world has different warring tribes of bugs, but a common enemy of them is the shadow weavers. The player must earn the trust of all the tribes, amassing them against the shadow weavers. More about this later, so stay tuned!! Well that's it for today!

Happy Magiking!!

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