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Monday, August 1, 2011

My story of wizard101

Since everyone is doing this, I felt obliged to do one, XD.

My Wizard101 Story

So one Summer I was watching some Tv and saw the Wizard101 commercial. It looked really cool and because the announcer said it was free, I was instantly drawn towards it, lol. I made a account and made my first wizard, Talon Nightshade the First, which was a fire wizard, and I only leveled him to level seven or so before deleting him. The Talon Nightshade now is Talon Nightshade the second. I leveled him to ten and couldn't level him any more, so I got bored. I stopped playing for a while until one day I saw the commercial again, when I decided to log on again, but I got bored again, still having the free version. I helped my sister create her account, and she made a myth character, Allsion Pixie blossom. So all we could do was pvp each other, which was close, since we were both level ten. I actually used the free version for half a year, and have played the game now for a year and a half. So anyway, one day I saw that they were having a sale on a subscription, and I still had some money in my allowance, so I asked my mom if i could buy it, and she said ok. So I bought a a year of subscription. I got into Krokotopia around that time, but I got stuck in the Pyramid of the Sun, probably I didn't understand the concept of gear yet. I was still menu chat at that time, so it was even harder asking people to help. So I took a break from playing for a month. I started playing again later and got out of Pyramid of the Sun and went through Krokosphinx and Tomb of Storms easily. I moved on to marelybone, still not knowing the concept of gear, still wearing my wizard city clothes, not my starter clothes, just some crafted clothes. I did a lot of side quests there, and got to level thirty two but got stuck in the iron works, mostly because the fire mobs and bosses and getting caught by the mobs there. A friend helped me get through that, and so I slowly went through the rest of Marelybone. I did Big Ben maybe five times before defeating Meowiarty, mostly becuase I always knocked down the milk bottles, summoning Spike, who is a tough fire boss. When I got into Mooshu, I knew instantly this would be my favorite world. I didn't do that many side quests in Mooshu, but I started to notice that I needed better clothes, so ironically, I went and bought Mb clothes. Now I use them as my formal clothes. So here I am, in Ds, now wearing Dragon Rider clothes, stuck on Obsidian chests, XD.

LOL, that was long.
So thats it for Today!
Ps, Benjamin  DragonSword, please meet me today at 4:30 P.M Central Time behind the waterfall in Commons, Realm Wraith, Try all areas. Come claim Your prize!

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Happy Magiking!

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