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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arachnar, Mysterious Island, stuff, and new housing Items,/ mount in the test realm!

Hey Wizards, how is life?

A lot of you are wondering, What is Arachnar? Well thats the name i gave this world idea i came up with. It is basically a world of giant bugs, who have lived in complete isolation until Morganathe took over, enslaving them. There is a resistance, though, but one of their leaders has been kidnapped. They send a SOS message to Merle Ambrose, who sends his star student( you) to help with their efforts to save the General and stop Morganathe..  I made a map for it, so looky!

                                                             Click to make bigger.

So I made some NCP pics, but they are not completely finished. I will probably post it next post.

So my Housing project is going good, I have decided to call it the Mysterious Island. It's so Mysterious that i can not tell you about it until I finish lol. So far i just need to farm for one pet, and finish one area, which is basically the size of a dorm, so stay tuned!

So now in game I am trying to do Trial of Spheres, and am level 57. I would show you my new gear, but i am on a differant computer, so I can't access them.

So As some of you know, the Test realm is online, and we are supposed to test the black panther mount, which was a becketts code, and was a public code, but is now a permenant mount, and we are supposed to test some customizable signs, which sounds awesome. I would really like to put a danger sign on some of my houses XD.

So thats it for Today, have a nice day!

Happy Magiking!

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