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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Talon's Top 6 list of Pirate101, and Happy New Year

Hey guys, Talon here, firstly, I want to wish you a Happy New Year :D, let this year be more awesome than the last. Anyway, for the second day of this week of posting I bring to you my list of top 6 features in Pirate101. Keep in mind this is my opinion ;). Feel free to put your top 6 features in the comments section below. Anyway, the features are not really in any real order, I like them all XD, these are just features that I think are very nicely represented. So lets get started!

1. The music and art- The music and art are just stunning! The Music really gives you a feel of adventure and danger, triumph and darkness, ect, and the art looks amazing, I love how the sand and the clouds look in this game. I want to thank Dave Greco(art) and Nelson Everhart for the amount of work they put into they're work. I don't think there is a Soundtrack for Wizard101 or Pirate101, but if there is one, I would buy it :D.

Gortez in all of his glory ;)

2. The Story line- WOW! The story line of Pirate101 is just amazing. It was really thought out, and something that may seem careless, comes back into the story later, but this time it is of vital importance.I am not going to tell the story line, here as not to spoil it for anyone, but just no that is awesome. I think I will begin a Lets-play series on my YouTube account. The Storyline is very deep, and refers back to lore and previous quests many,many times, yet is not boring and a chore to play like some quests were in Wizard101  Anyway, I love how even though Pirate101 can get tedious sometimes, but always the quests and the rewards are worth it. I do agree that Kingsisle could increase the rewards for some quests, but it is still okay if they don't. I was disappointed by one thing, the story for Valencia, the heart of the Armada, was SO SMALL! I finished it in like one day XD. I really want to see it expanded in the future. Come to think of it, Monquista could use another skyway lol. I also want to talk about the Puppet Shows, but that will be number 3.

3. The Puppet shows were an amazing idea, if you ever forget the lore, or what you are looking for ect, just refer back to them. Of course they don't really connect in a story fashion, but that really doesn't matter. I think we can all agree that there should be more of them available to collect :). Anyway, here are my favorite puppet shows, all credit goes to Deathshard.

Hey, that looks familiar....

LOL Monkey King,

You have got to love Gortez lol

4. I really like how Companions are. They aren't puppets that fight for you like pets were for you in Wizard101, almost like an item of clothing. Companions in Pirate101 are an important part of the storyline, as they speak to you during quests and have their own dialogue for everything. It really lets you "bond" with them, you cringe as Bonnie Anne gets knocked out, and smile when Sarah Steele criticals. I like their leveling up system, though it can be improved. I think that including the "Companion training points" they should get experience when winning a battle like you do, as that would be more realistic. Also I think it would be cool when you are flying on your ship in the skyways they walk on the deck of your ship, though this would probably only be practical for any ship other than the raft, where you should have only like 2 companions on deck with you, who stay in place. Speaking of flying through the skyways, lets get to the next feature.

5. I think flying through the skyways and stormgates of the Spiral is one of the best part of the game. I love
flying through the worlds, just looking at the beauty of the landscape. And with the special music for each world's skyways, its just a great experience  How this could be made better is pretty hard, as they made it pretty awesome already XD. But I came with 2 improvements that, I think, would add a lot to the game. One is accounting for the dangers of sea(or skyway) travel, there could be rouge winds that could make it harder to control your ship, random storms spawning that push your ship into a random direction ect. The second suggestion happens to deal with Broadside Combat. Now, I think it would be awesome if you could control the ships cannons like in Pirates of the Caribbean, or even Assassin's Creed III, you would have to point the cannons in the direction of the ship and press fire, but at the same time letting yourself become vulnerable. Also, other Pirates who are on board could help you with manning the cannons. But just my opinion ;) 

6. Another great part of the game is the Combat system, which is a good change from the Dueling of Wizard101. I really like the Battleboard system, it introduces more strategy in gameplay. I also like that sometimes boss battles aren't just "Kill-everything-else-in-the-room" activities anymore, they have sub-objectives, like interacting with objects, solving minor puzzles ect. I think that makes the fights more entertaining, more like actual Boss fights would be in Real life.

Well that is my Top 6 list :). I am really enjoying Pirate101, and think that this is one of my favorite games of time. Anyway, see you tomorrow, and remember to check back here everyday of this week to see a new post. Thanks :)

Happy Magiking/ Privateering

Talon Moone
aka Talon Nightshade

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