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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zipping through Zafaria! And first W101 comic!

Hey Wizards!

I have been questing a lot have gotten into Zamunda so far. Here's some pictures: (this post is going to be super long, btw.)
Bye fire lion ravagers! 
5 more to go!

yes Tik Tik, I am.
That is rude, but accurate, XD.

Bye Goliath something or other, lol.
Inside Inyanga's hut, looks awesome.
Queen Tanei does a ballerina swirl.
Battling the queen.
Queen is out of curse.
Level Up!
Well Hello Mrs. Copper leaf!

This guy think's I'm a tourist, XD! I am on a mission to save the Spiral! 
Why thank you, Queen Tanei.
look closely at the right side of the door. Now who is our favorite old wizard?
I want this as a Housing object, lol.
First spiders in the world I have seen.
well we have finally found you Msizi!
final Savannah boss!
Final Savannah boss dead.
You got that right Johanna! and four more to go!
I wish.....
Maybe you should ask all the other worlds of the spiral about me..
looks like a awesome plant card!
Zamunda Ho!
Bye Lethu, its been nice!
Hello Idube!
To Zamunda!
Jackals look real cool for some reason.
one jackal dead
two jackal dead. Pattern?
Level Up!
and so the Rhino Mercenary quest begin...
Well bye Rhino!
map of Zamunda Outskirts, looks really vast and cool looking!
Lol well that wasn't kind!
to the city of Zamunda!
ugh... more rhinos
Map of Zamunda, looks like a real city
Training some soldiers who thought they were so high and mighty.
humility is a virtue, igoka defenders, remember that.
Tse Tse snaketail? do I know that guy?
I'm sure he will betray me, like last time!
Because you probably took them! stop playing dumb with me!
Wow. Thats a neat trick for a four ton elephant.
He tells a lot in this expression.
Humungofrogs are fat, XD
 Hmm, back to the traitor...
I'm sure it doesn't!
 Wow, identity crisis.
 Knew it!
Rhino's go down!
 hmm, maybe I will go down?
Yay! and yep, it didn't.
Don't cry, big guy, its all going to be ok.
Seriously. I lost all respect for you guys with that statement.
Finally! Somebody smart!
Woah! how could a greyhorn not get through that? 

Well thats pretty much it for questing! Here is the comic!

(Click to make bigger)

Well tell me what you think, please! Should I make more of these comics? Do you like these mega picture posts every few days?

Happy Magiking!


  1. Oy, I can't get enough of that comic! Can I put it on my blog? (You'll get full credit)

  2. Lol if you want you can. Thnx for letting me know you like it!


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