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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Questing, Unsanitary Dungeons, and Museum!

Hey Wizards!

I have been questing in Zafaria and wanted to show you guys my progress.

So When i went to talk to Professor Falmea, she told me she made a exchange program so we students go study abroad, kind of like what we did at Pigswick Academy, except no Tournament. She shows you this old picture of the class.

When you go to talk to Reginald Baxby, he shows you this lol. Pretty obvious they are missing, right? 

Woot! third page of worlds! 
First live realm view of Zafaria!
first mob battle
Baobab Crown, place where the council members from each species meet.
Thanks for letting us Know Simone, lol

First Boss fight, but seriously, fleshling? lol

start of battle
Minion dead
Goliath dead. There's a pattern here lol.

One down, 8 more to go!
first view of Savanah
How weird is this? It makes me think of that wolf in sheep's clothing saying, I bet he is going to betray me...

Destroyed hut, looks about the size of a dorm room, but cooler lol
Map of Savannah

Well that's pretty much all I have quested so far, and I'm not even 61 yet lol. 

 Anyway, I was doing Waterworks and saw this.
Do you guys see that book? Some students must not like school lol.
Wizard City needs New Waste Management, lol

Another book and some Wizard Hats. When we do Waterworks, we are actually swimming in that junk lol.

In other things, I started a Museum house. It is in the Myth house. I am going to make the outside like Gardens showing exotic plants from around the spiral. The Inside will have a art section and Spiral artifacts section. I will have pics in the next post!

Well that's it!
Happy magiking!

Ps. There is a new poll.


  1. In the poll, I think you forgot Chimera. If I'm wrong, just ignore this :)


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