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Monday, January 7, 2013

And the Winner's are....

Hello Everyone, Talon here, and first off I would like to thank everyone who entered in the contest a lot XD, I was kind of nervous in the beginning that no-one would join, but it proved otherwise XD, 7 people entered in the contest, and they produced 9 awesome entries. I loved them all, but unfortunately I can only pick one for each category :(. So how I am going to do the prizes is that the Header/Background winners can choose a prize up to 3000 crowns, while the name winner wins a prize up to 1500 crowns.  But just because you entered, all of the people who don't win, win 3 KI free game codes :D(I know, that sounds confusing lol).

Header- Cody Sundreamer

Also as a honorable mention I would like to present Thatuviyapari's header. Unfortunately I could not enter it, as it did not feature anything Pirate101 related. It looks amazing, so I might use it some day eventually lol.

Background- Destiny Soultamer

New Name- Dead-eye Jacob Evans , who said the name should be " Talon's Spiral Adventures" 

Again I want to thank everyone who participated, and I want to tell all of the winners that I will be sending a TFC to friend with to claim your prizes. To all who entered, I will send your KI free game codes over email.

Thanks again, and Happy Magiking! I will be applying the changes soon :)


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