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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prospector Zeke in P101 picture

Hey guys, J. Todd. Coleman posted this on his facebook :D

So this pretty much confirms that Prospector Zeke will be in Pirate 101 :P

Thanks and Happy Magiking :)


  1. Well, if Zeke is in every world of the wizarding Spiral, then there's no doubt that he would be on the pirating side too. I don't see Eloise though.
    However, I am seeing a lot of things, especially NPCs and creatures that are either on both in some way (think: creatures) and will be there (think: NPCS) through the 101s...but maybe I've said too much. I'll save it for another post, another day.
    PS This would make a great Jigsaw topic

  2. Ya, your probably right, and Eloise being abscent is kind of weird :P. Anyway, I think they did a great job with making P101 part of the Spiral, it would have been really weird to have to learn a new storyline for each game.And I agree, This would make a great Jigsaw post :D


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