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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some new stuff coming up!

Hey Wizards!

Talon here, and first off I am sorry for not posting as often as I should have. But I can guarantee that you will have at least 4 posts next week, since it is x drum roll x  SPRING BREAK!
Anyway in other news, the ninja lore pack has come to the spiral! But besides that, I have decided to revitalize my blog here. These are the things I've come up with:

  1. A new segment probably each week called Creature Features. They're basically posts where I research one Wizard101 creature and tell you guys about it. I will probably put up a poll so you guys can choose the next Creature Feature.
  2. I am definitely deciding on having my first party, though the date has not been decided
  3. I will definitely have a first real contest. Date not decided. 
  4. I will actually do some more on Arachnar, I drew a much better version of the World map yesterday and have started to draw a map of the Rebel base
  5. The Drake Wars will continue to be posted, though at maybe a faster rate.
  6. I will start a new character and follow his adventures on this blog. I will put up a poll for you guys to decide which school he should be.
  7. More Idea posts and such
  8. I will start to post more on the news. I've really slacked there :P
  9. I will probably make a post series of the story of Wizard101
So that's that :P. Please answer the polls and don't forget to answer the post question:
Do you think that Wizard101 should expand more on Housing? If so, How? 

Happy Magiking!

*EDIT* Just noticed that we went past our 50th post, YAY!

*EDIT* Polls are up!

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